Australia now - GERMANY 2017


9 February - 19 February

VENUE:   Various cinemas around Berlin


The following Australian films will be presented at this year's Berlinale:


Berlin Syndrome (Section: Panorama)

Australia | Cate Shortland | European Premiere

Australian backpacker Clare is wandering through Berlin's Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg with her stills camera. She meets a friendly English teacher named Andi and they hit it off immediately. Something that begins as a romance takes an unexpectedly sinister turn ...


Casting JonBenet (Section: Panorama)

USA / Australia | By Kitty Green | International premiere

From acclaimed Australian documentary filmmaker, Kitty Green, this film is a highly intelligent attempt to revisit the facts surrounding the unsolved violent death of six-year-old “beauty queen” JonBenet Ramsey.


RED DOG: True Blue (Section: Generation Kplus, opening film)

Australia | By Kriv Stenders | European premiere

Australian director Stenders delighted Generation audiences in 2011 with a legendary story about a very special dog and now, the red canine is joined by 11-year-old Mick, who treasures his bond with his four-legged friend above all else.


EMO the Musical (Section: Generation 14plus)

Australia | By Neil Triffett | International premiere

Director Neil Triffett is back with his debut feature. This heartbreakingly funny high school musical is about forbidden love between a shy Emo kid and a chipper Christian activist.


Monsieur Mayonnaise (Section: Culinary Cinema)

Australia / Germany | By Trevor Graham | International premiere

Australian director Trevor Graham accompanies painter and filmmaker Philippe Mora who is researching his family’s eventful past. His father, Georges Mora alias Monsieur Mayonnaise fought in the Résistance.


After the Smoke (Section: Generation 14plus, short film)

Australia | By Nick Waterman | World premiere

From writer/director Nick Waterman and co-writer/composer Bertie Blackman – puts ritualised masculinity under the spotlight, as a drama unfolds during a gathering of locals at a rodeo in a remote outback mining town.


Smashed (Section: Generation 14plus, short film)

Australia | Sean Lahiff | World premiere

Coming-of-age thriller Smashed by Sean Lahiff is a cautionary tale of male antics veering horribly out of control at an “end of high school” party.


Wolfe (Section: Generation 14plus, short film)

Australia | By Claire Randall | World premiere

Motivated by her own encounter with mental illness as a teenager, Claire Randall’s film explores a young man's rocky journey through adolescence with undiagnosed schizophrenia, and the relationship with his imaginary friend and ally, Mister Wolfe, that sustained him.


Wutharr, Saltwater Dreams (Section: Forum Expanded, short film)

Australia | By the Karrabing Film Collective

An extended Indigenous family argues about what caused their boat’s motor to break down and leave them stranded out bush. The Karrabing Film Collective is a grassroots Indigenous based media group, who use filmmaking as a means of self-organisation and social analysis.

Red Dog: True Blue by Kriv Stenders | David Darcy @ Good Dog Enterprises